SIRENIA Singer Talks About Making Of ‘The Enigma Of Life’

Chad Bowar of recently conducted an interview with SIRENIA singer Ailyn. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How was your experience different on “The Enigma Of Life” compared to “The 13th Floor”?

Ailyn: I think the only difference is that when I recorded “The 13th Floor” I had just joined the band and I felt very nervous and insecure. With “The Enigma Of Life” everything was quieter. Now that I know [guitarist/songwriter] Morten [Veland] better, I know what he expects from me and also he knows my voice better so it’s easier when we are in the studio together. How would you describe the sound of the new CD?

Ailyn: Maybe this album is the most melodic album that Morten has done with SIRENIA. The album follows the same feelings that we had on “The 13th Floor”, which is what Morten wants. Also the female vocals are still important in the new album. What are some of the lyrical themes?

Ailyn: Well, I guess you should ask Morten about the lyrical concept. I asked him a lot of times about what he’s talking in his lyrics, but he didn’t like to talk about what it means. So I really don’t know what to say, because I can tell you my opinion, but maybe it doesn’t mean the same thing that Morten wants to say. How was the video shoot for “The End Of It All”? What’s the storyline of the video?

Ailyn: The video shoot was great! It’s the second time that we worked with [director] Patric Ullaeus and its very funny to work with him. Also he knows us from the last video so he knew exactly what he wanted from us, so it was really easy. In the video we are inside an old house, I’m lost, everything is old and dead, it’s the end. I think the video is more focused on the nice images than on the storyline. How did you become the vocalist for SIRENIA?

Ailyn: My sister was looking for metal bands to add them as friends on MySpace, and she found SIRENIA. She showed them to me, and we both liked them and started hearing their songs and videos. We liked them very much and sent a friend request. One month later they sent me an email asking me about if I wanted to audition because they needed a new singer, so in January 2008 I went to Norway for the first audition. Later they contacted me again to ask me for a second audition in February, now with the full band. In April they told me I was the new singer of SIRENIA. Did you listen to much metal before joining the band?

Ailyn: Yes. People still think that before SIRENIA I just listened to pop music, but I’m really open-minded. I don’t want to close my mind just with one kind of music. My parents really like music and I grew up listening to a lot of different music styles. I think it is very nice to hear different music because I can learn a lot of different things.

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