TURISAS: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

“Stand Up And Fight”, the third album from Finnish “battle metal” warriors TURISAS, is available for streaming in its entirety at the Record Shop X web site. (Note: Stream will only be available until March 1.) The CD will be released via Century Media Records on the following dates:

Finland, Japan: February 23
Germany, Austria, Switzerland: February 25
Rest Of Europe: February 28
Australia, New Zealand: March 4
North America: March 8

It will be made available in the following formats:

* Limited mediabook with bonus CD (two additional tracks, special acoustic live performance as CD enhancement)
* CD
* Gatefold LP plus the entire album on CD
* Digital download

TURISAS filmed a video for the title track of its new album, “Stand Up And Fight”, on February 7 in the California desert with director Iain Sclater. Influenced by the film “Mad Max” and the band’s own image, the clip is sure to provide a thrilling new look at TURISAS in the band’s first-ever U.S.-shot music video.

‘Stand Up And Fight’ is a loose continuation of the story from ‘The Varangian Way’, and picks up where the previous one left us, in Constantinople,” explains mainman Mathias Nygård. “However, it is not a sequel as such. In general, the songs are much more universal and deal with topics that can be placed just as tightly into the modern world as in the 11th century Byzantine Empire. ‘Stand Up And Fight’ has much more to offer the contemporary listener.”

Their more contemporary and universal approach is also reflected by a revamped look.

TURISAS has always been about progression and evolution, and now with a new album we’re not here to repeat ourselves but to have something new to come with — also visually,” adds Nygård.

“Our look has developed through the years, and it’s never been something we created once to be static forever.

“Innovation is reinventing yourself regularly.

“We toured ‘The Varangian Way’ for three and a half years with a look that was tied to the album. With a new release, it was time for a makeover.

“The visual side has always played a very strong role in TURISAS, and fear not — that’s not going to change. Stronger than ever, TURISAS has returned!”

The biggest, boldest and most gloriously extravagant album of the band’s career, “Stand Up And Fight” erupts like the ultimate heavy metal musical, with many layers of orchestration and choral harmonies adding to these songs’ intense sense of drama and mischief. Although remaining true to the spirit of past TURISAS records, the new album — which was recorded between March and September 2010 at Sound Supreme studios in in Hämeenlinna, Finland, and was mixed by Jens Bogren (OPETH, PARADISE LOST) at Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden — takes the Finns to a whole new level of depth and bravado, as their unmistakable sound expands before our very ears, consistently conjuring up vivid images of the Vikings’ ongoing adventures.

“On ‘Stand Up And Fight’ the storytelling and flavour of musical drama is more strongly present than ever,” agrees Nygård. “The album also introduces some new flavors like ’80s stadium rock. For the first time, ‘Stand Up And Fight’ features real string and horn sections played by some of the best Finnish classical musicians, hand-picked from leading symphony orchestras at home and abroad. I’m sure TURISAS fans will be surprised, but in a positive way!”

TURISAS is currently touring the U.S. as the support act for CRADLE OF FILTH. Also appearing on the bill are NACHTMYSTIUM (USA) and DANIEL LIONEYE (Finland).

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