LEMMY Explains Why Rap Music is NOT Music!

http://www.superiorpics.com/wenn_album/Lemmy_Kilmister_-_Drugs_from_Lydon/lemmy_kilmister_001_032809.jpgJust when you thought Lemmy couldn’t be anymore of a badass, he rips in to every style of “music”. Lemmy was recently interviewed by Atlantic City Weekly and was asked his opinion on all the different styles of music. When it comes to rock and pop music he said, “What the fuck is it about John Mayer? Someone should explain him to me. And the same goes for Justin Bieber. They’re all such boring people. They’re so fucking serious. I’m not interested in people as boring as that. It’s a shame these people are popular entertainers.”

Lemmy then goes on to give his opinion on rap music: “Why should I do that when it’s not music. There’s nothing creative about doing that over music someone else created. They go out and take John Bonham’s drumming. I don’t call that music. You think they could come up with sounds of their own, even some basic sounds and they can’t do it. Sad.”

I can’t agree with Lemmy more on both of these answers. Who can argue these statements? He’s been in the music scene longer than I’ve been alive, so his opinion is definitely sincere. He speaks the truth! I thought my respect couldn’t be any higher for Lemmy after watching his documentary, but now it’s at an all time high. If you haven’t seen the Lemmy film yet, go see it. He is the true definition of a badass, and what every rock “Star” should be. Horns high to Lemmy!

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