The History of Viking Metal

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Another subgenre in the metal community is Viking Metal. This type of music is a combination of death, folk and black bands. Viking isn’t very popular in metal. This is probably because it’s a fairly new genre of heavy metal. Viking has a very lyrical theme with strong keyboard characteristics, faster pace and a very dramatic emphasis. Their music has an imagination of Viking battles and fantasy themes. Viking has been marked as being satanic, this is hundred percent not true. People will get this idea because of the hateful and melodies feel of the songs. Most songs are about Viking warriors or epic battles.

The strongest areas for Viking are in Scandinavian countries like Finland and Norway. The panflute, harp and accordion are some of the most influenced instruments used in Viking. In Viking you will find their vocals consist of deep growls and roars. Viking heavy metal uses these techniques to give their music a evil and dark feeling behind them. Often this type of music is found in Black metal, but those fans that tend to follow this genre of music can to have a positive outlook.

Most Viking reflects on battles of warfare. The of the earliest signs of Viking heavy metal came from Led Zeppelin. Vikings and other famous gods were the topic of some Led Zeppelin songs. Viking heavy metal uses choir singing in their music. Black Sabbath experimented with this style of vocals. The first heavy metal band that wrote and combined all elements of Viking heavy metal into a song was Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force. “I am a Viking” was release by Yngwie J. Malmsteen in 1985, the next trace of a full Viking song. The first band to be considered Viking heavy metal was Bathory. Later Bathory release an album called “Blood Fire Death” in 1988. This was a Viking album with some Black metal elements. Further on they released an album called “Hammerheart” which had a Viking style with the incorporation of folk instruments. This Bathory album is to be considered one of the best Viking metal albums.

Viking references towards the pagan culture. Most Viking bands come from countries located in northern Europe. Viking references a lot of Black metal. You will find that Viking metal tries to go for an mythological, dramatic and epic style of music. You will find other metal elements like Folk and Traditional. Viking metal band choose English to be their prominent language in their music.

Check out this list for Viking metal bands. Most of these bands have a different genre background while creating Viking heavy metal. Enslaved, Equilibrium, Bathory, Vanaheim, Amon Amarth, Manowar and Ensiferum.
Amon Amarth

Viking heavy metal isn’t less popuiar than some other genres, but it has been around for 20 years. After 20 years this genre is still underground in the community. With it being not very popular, bands like Bathory and Amon Amarth still produce great albums. The fan base in Viking metal is strong for these bands. For the future of Viking heavy metal, it will continue to grow and become more popular.

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