Volturyon’s “Coordinated Mutilation” Out Now On United Guttural Records

VOLTURYON’s ten-track slab of aural aggression, Coordinated Mutilation, is now available through United Guttural Records. The band’s venomous brand of technical Swedish death metal with heavy does of thrash is already receiving praise from critics and reviewers across the metal community. For more on Coordinated Mutilation or to order your copy, visit the

United Guttural Records website.

Coordinated Mutilation Track listing:

1. Bloodsoaked Solution

2. Savage Gluttony

3. Eight Corner of Slaughter

4. Euphoria Through Execution

5. Ravaged

6. Coordinated Mutilation

7. Abide under Eminence

8. Sadistic Molestation

9. Sanguinolency

10. Intense Convulsions

“More in the traditional US vein a la Cannibal Corpse or Six Feet Under with contrasting cannibal shrills and guttural groans, whirring squeaking guitars and pulverizing tribal drum work on songs like ‘Eight Corners Of Slaughter’, ‘Savage Gluttony’ and ‘Bloodsoaked Solution’. They’ve clearly progressed.” – Battle Helm

“Here we have ten tracks of some of the tightest played death metal around. If all modern death metal was up to par with this it would be ideal. this release should appeal to just about every death metal fan. It has plenty of complex moments to keep tech death fans happy, just enough groove to keep the brutal death fans happy and it’s just too entertaining for the traditional death metal fans to ignore.” – Foul Feast of Flesh

[Translated from Greek] “Have incorporated all the good traditions of their homeland.”

– Flight of Pegasus

[Translated from Spanish] “A work even stronger and more mature than its predecessor. 10 cuts of aggression and brutality, but also with thrash elements, with great composition, good riffs and solos, and above all else a voice that will delight. Volturyon are proof that technical death can be direct, brutal, and honest like no other.”

– Queens of Steel [Rating: 9/10]

“This sophomore release from Swedish death metal act Volturyn is really good. Merging technical death metal with thrash the band slash their way through these ten tracks with a maturity befitting a more experienced and mature act. Easily some of the best death metal I’ve heard so far in 2011.” – Heavy Metal Time Machine




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