Zombiefication’s Midnight Stench Gets the Vinyl Treatment

In 2010 Mexico’s legendary ZOMBIEFICATION crawled out the grave with disgust and finally released their long awaited debut album Midnight Stench on CD through Asphyxiate Recordings. Playing a rotten style of death metal that crosses the early Stockholm sound with Mexico’s own proud tradition of ancient cult death metal, you can now experience Midnight Stench on vinyl, the way it was always meant to be experienced. Chaos Records recently made available two vinyl editions of this already classic album. Inclusive of an exclusive bonus track, “Blood & Disgorge,” the LP is available in limited edition (200 copies) 350 gram vinyl with gatefold jacket and 180 gram silver vinyl. The regular LP edition is available in 350 gram black vinyl with gatefold jacket.


Midnight Stench LP Track List

Side A:

The Shining

Cryptic Broadcast

Anthem to the Deathmarch

Last Resting Place

Jacko’s Funeral Pyre

Sleepless Mutter


Side B:

Broken Gravestone


Hitchcock Screaming in Phobia

The Early Years

Blood & Disgorge (exclusive bonus track)


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