Top 10 Silliest Black Metal Videos

Of all the sub-genres of metal, I feel that black metal is the one that takes itself the most seriously. Then again, when your history is plagued with church burnings and murders, I can see where there may be little room for laughs. And yet, of all the sub-genres, black metal lends itself most easiest to parody. Really, it’s not hard. One look at an Immortal video and you can’t help but laugh. It’s almost become a cliché. Heck, the Virgin America flight video includes a black metal passenger. So, as both a fan of comedy and black metal, I present to you the Top 10 Silliest Black Metal videos…

10) Black Metal Prank Call

What happens when a black guy tries to apply to be a singer for a dude’s black metal band? Some miscommunication leads to a massive amount of comedy.

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9) Det Satan Club

This video was just posted here on Metal Injection, but is already one of my favorites. Why has no other previous satanist ever thought of putting Jesus is comfortable positions?

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8 ) Black Metal Fashion Show

Part of me laughed, part of me was quite disturbed that black metal has made it onto the runways. Seriously, you guys?

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7) Black Metal Teenagers

Kids today and their angst. This recent video is a great incorporation of all the standard black metal clichés. Also, these kids are far better at applying corpse paint than I am.

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To check out the other 6 videos go to Metal Injection

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