Classic Rock Revisited Founder Jeb Wrights Speaks Journalism

In a recently published interview with’s Robert Gray as part of his Hit The Lights series, Classic Rock Revisited founder Jeb Wright discussed his From the Vault book series, and the state of online journalism.

Wright revealed the following thoughts regarding the From the Vault book series;

“We celebrated ten years online. We were one of the first out there. If we kept all of our interviews online then my bandwidth would be so expensive that I would have to take a third job, so I take them off every year. I get a lot of emails with people asking for them. The idea of a look back at ten years seemed to make sense so I decided to do a mixed bag of interviews that I have conducted throughout the years. It came out amazing.”

Faust also revealed the following regarding future installments of From the Vault;

“The only one for sure is Classic Rock Revisited From The Vault: Series II: Heavy Metal. I would like to do Southern rock and hair bands but we will see. Look for Metal to be out mid-summer. It will also include a few brand new, never before published interviews along with several archived. It is something I wanted to throw in there as a treat to our readers.”

To read the interview in full, go here.

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