On The Road with THE HUMAN ABSTRACT’s A.J Minette Part 1

The Human Abstract is currently on the road with The Atticus Metal tour. Guitarist A.J Minette will be checking in frequently with updates from the road. Here is the first of those updates:

The Atticus Metal Tour is beginning soon, but first we had to make the journey from Los Angeles to Washington DC. We said goodbye to our loved ones and made the 2,700 mile trip in two and a half days. Before we left, we flew in our sound guy Joel, who eventually got pulled over in Texas for driving too slow. It was exactly like Chris Farley in Black Sheep, except we weren’t breathing nitrous. The new Marine Corps. sticker on the back of our trailer should keep us from getting pulled over anymore. Semper Fi.

We also got brave and purchased some new electronics for the van, but realized we didn’t have the necessary tools, light, or workspace to install it, so instead we entertained ourselves with an assortment of leather garments found in the Missouri Flying J gas station.

Fallen Limbs

I regret not buying the leather vest emblazoned with two patches, one reading “Born to be Wild”, and the other “Live to Ride!”…sometimes frugality is a real pain in the ass. We saw the blurring mountains of Arizona, and the fallen limbs of Ohio forestry, and although it was all fun, it was a relief to finally arrive at our hotel in DC so we celebrated with a bottle of 16 year old Lagavulin.

We spent the better part of the next day in a rehearsal space, testing gear and practicing parts while our merch guy, Moody, sorted and organized new merchandise. Afterward we celebrated with a BBQ dinner at Famous Dave’s. Our first show is in DC, and yes, we have extended our invitation to Barack and Michelle Obama… we are still waiting for an RSVP. In all seriousness, we are excited about this tour, and can’t wait to meet and hangout with the rest of the bands, Darkest Hour, Born of Osiris, and As Blood Runs Black. It’s been three and a half years since I’ve been on stage with The Human Abstract. It feels good to be back.

Tea Time

Stay tuned for more updates! The Human Abstract‘s new album Digital Veil is in stores now. Check out their new music video!

Source:  Metal Injection.com

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