New Gothic Metal Project From Hungary February of 2011 a new gothic metal project was emerged from north-east Hungary. The Tears of the Nightflower counts only one member, Viktor Kiss, a Hungarian composer, guitarist and vocalist. After he had played in some bands, he realised that his future is in solitary music writing so decided to work alone for a while, until he gets some success on this field. And now this album, called Abandoned, is the result of his efforts.

He’s been interesting in composing and studio work since about 2001. Viktor decided that his music won’t be recorded or mixed in a studio, for that sum of money he could buy some nice stuff for his home studio, so this album was made completely at his home.

As a part of a working class family he couldn’t spend all of his time on the project, he had to continue his life as a truck driver. Because of work engagement the release was stuck and delayed for almost an entire year. But on the other hand under this peroid he became acquainted with many different cultures and lands. The exotic landscapes burnt into his mind, as well as the negative experiences like disillusion, loneliness or the inferiority complex, and all of these left their mark on the music.

The songs are little tales, fables about the dark side of the life. Broken existences, tragic events, imprisoned ghosts, unavoidable destinies, depressed people, confounded minds. Beside the solid metal framework there are emotional male vocals and various instruments like pianos, bells, orchestral instruments, and synths throughout the album.

The Abandoned has released in February on ReverbNation. In March and April it’s going to be available via most online shops like iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and others.

You can visit him on his website: or the distributor’s page:

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