All Pigs Must Die ink deal with Southern Lord… in fucking BLOOOOOD, yeah! Woo! Right?! Naw!

Sometimes metal just isn’t metal enough, you know? Take, for example, those Vietnam War scenes in Forest Gump. Instead of sticking to the movie’s strict heretofore use of Top 40 period music to echo and augment the mood of the specific socio-historical times under consideration at any given point in the film, I probably would have, you know, tastelessly blasted Metallica’s “One” through the entire thing. I mean, what’s more “HORRORS OF WAR” than that? Well, damned if those music directors didn’t answer that question decisively with highly charged snippets of Hendrix’s manic “All Along the Watchtower,” The Doors’ funky-ass “Soul Kitchen,” and the icy Buffalo Springfield jam “For What It’s Worth.” Touché, movie guys. I guess some things really are more metal than metal.

Want to know another thing that’s more metal than metal? Hardcore. Just ask All Pigs Must Die, the Massachusetts-based, balls-to-the-wall thrash band that recently signed a deal with Southern Lord for their upcoming full-length, which is due out this summer. After releasing their self-titled debut EP on their own label in 2010, the band (comprised of members of Converge, The Hope Conspiracy, and Bloodhorse) have toured regionally over recent months, making many a local pig nervous, causing general ambivalence in police officers, and amassing a diehard legion of followers along the way.

There’s not a lot of info available on the new record at the moment, but I can tell you that its warm and fuzzy title is God Is War and that it was recorded at Kurt Ballou’s Godcity Studios in delightful Salem, Massachusetts. So I guess what I’m saying is that it’s probably religious music. Anyway, ask them for more details yourself at one of their upcoming spring shows. I hear they pull off a mean Buffalo Springfield cover.


03.16.11 – Austin, TX – Scoot Inn (SXSW)
03.17.11 – Austin, TX – Emo’s (SXSW)
03.18.11 – Austin, TX – 501 Studios (SXSW)
03.31.11 – Boston, MA – Great Scott
04.01.11 – Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool
04.02.11 – Philadelphia, PA – The Barbary

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