The Goregrowler’s Ball 2011 – Premiere Metal Gathering of South Texas

The lineup for this hit the presses some time ago, but is worth mentioning here:


BARING TEETH (Texas, Willowtip Records)
Technical Death/Grind from Dallas, TX. Recently signed to Willowtip Records. They will entertain as well as brutalize you. This will be the second time we have brought this band to San Antonio. The first time being a show that was my low point last year. Not, but maybe five people were in attendance when they performed, but they played like if there were 100 people there. Solid performance indeed, and we are happy to have them on the Ball, so they can play in front of  a well deserved sized crowd, so do not miss their performance.

BLOODSOAKED (North Carolina, Comatose Music)
Brutal Death Metal from NC. Bloodsoaked first came to Goregrowler’s Ball as headliner’s for the very first GGB Pre-Fest show in ’07, and they came back and performed the fest in ’08, and in ’10. We are happy to have this usually one man band back here, as he is normally a crowd favorite. Well they have something special for you all this year. Bloodsoaked will perform as a 3 piece band this year. Peter Hasselbrack (Bloodsoaked, Guitar/Vocals), Mike De Leon (Disfigured/Prolicide, Guitar), Seth Van De Loo (Severe Torture/Nox, Drums). This is a ONE TIME ONLY performance of this line-up!

BLOWTORCH SODOMY (Florida, unsigned)
Groove filled Death Metal from Miami, FL. This band, I discovered on Facebook, and since being friends with them, and being a fan of their band page, I see a lot of promotional work from these guys, and their music is very catchy, and fits right in with the Ball, so they happily accepted the invite, and I hope you all enjoy their live set as much as I will!

CARDIAC ARREST (Illinois, Ibex Moon Records)
Death Metal from Chicago. Last year, Cardiac Arrest was part of a tour that was supposed to hit San Antonio, but the tour canceled before the S.A. date, so what better way to get them to play here than to include them on the Ball.

DECEASED… (Virginia, Shrieks from the Hearse Records)
Old school Death/Thrash from Virginia. Deceased, as many of you know were one of the original Relapse bands, and have been putting out killer music since 1985. Wow! For the past three years, Deceased has done a Summer tour in Texas, and everyone of them have been successful shows in San Antonio. They have decided to put off their usual Summer trek of Texas to give me a performance at this year’s Ball.

DERKETA (Pennsylvania, Necroharmonic Records)
Doom/Death Metal from PA. Known to be the first all female Death Metal band forming in 1988. They are back together with their original line-up and the addition of one other member, and are ready to come destroy TX, and show that this all female band will be a no nonsense hellride of Doom/Death!

DISFIGURED (Texas, Comatose Music)
Brutal Death Metal from TX. This will be the fourth appearance for Disfigured at the Ball. They played the first in ’07, again in ’08 and ’09. They took a year off last year, but are back to help promote their newest CD, “Amputated Gorewhore” on Comatose Music.

DREAMING DEAD (California, unsigned)
Melodic Death Metal from CA. This female fronted Death Metal band had put out a full length CD on Ibex Moon Records in ’09, and did a few successful tours through TX since. They will be coming back to perform at this year’s Ball on this only TX appearance this year for the band.

ENABLER (Minnesota, unsigned)
Death/Thrash/Grind from MN. Enabler is a fairly new band formed by Aaron Whitesides (Anal Blast, Sacrificial Slaughter). After visiting San Antonio a couple of times with Anal Blast, it really didn’t seem to take much convincing to get Enabler on the line-up. Give them a listen and be ready to circle pit like a maniac for sure!

ENGAGED IN MUTILATING (Texas, Comatose Music)
Technical Death Metal from TX. This is the band I am in, so it’s obvious we are playing the Ball, and have every year. This year we do plan on playing an tire set of new songs that will be from our second full length CD.

FACE OF RUIN (Wisconsin, unsigned)
Death Metal from WI. Face of Ruin performed at the Ball in ’08. Great bunch of guys, and awesome live performance. Last year they had lost their vocalist, but they recruited Matt Bishop (Lividity, Human Artifacts, and the organizer for Central Illinois Metalfest), and the band has since gone to a more brutal style Death Metal. We are happy to have them back at the Ball with this new line-up. Come out and show Matt Bishop that The Goregrowler’s Ball is right up there with CIM!

FUNERAL RITES (Texas, unsigned)
Blackened Death Metal from TX. Funeral Rites have been some of my oldest friends in the scene. I am happy to see them performing again, and I’m sure they will bring their A Game to the Ball. Guitarist, Luis Carlos along with his wife, Jess run Adversary Productions in Houston, TX.

GOREMATORY (New Jersey, unsigned)
Death/Thrash from NJ. I met this band on Facebook, and instantly became a fan after hearing a few tracks from their self-released full length CD. These young guys are excited about traveling down to TX to tear it up for you, and they do expect a good crowd response, so let’s show them how we do it!

GRAVEHILL (California, Ibex Moon Records)
Black/Thrash from CA. Gravehill instantly became a TX favorite after their tours in 2010. The crowd at the San Antonio show on their February tour last year was by far one of the craziest crowds I have ever seen at a show like that one. Unfortunately on their second tour through, the San Antonio date got canceled, so they have been dying for a chance to make it up to S.A., and here is that chance! Gravehill now also features underground famed guitarist, Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Dekapitator).

GRIEVED (Texas, unsigned)
Black Metal from TX. Grieved is another band put together by some of the members of Vaginal Bear Trap in San Antonio. They play a style similar to Agalloch and Wolves in the Throne Room. I am very happy that they agreed to play this show with this band, as this is right now their first scheduled live performance. Be sure to come check them out.

HOD (Texas, Ibex Moon Records)
Black/Thrash from TX. They are Hod and they play fuckin’ Metal! This will be Hod’s 4th performance at the Ball. They have played the past three years. We welcome back our brothers in Metal to the Ball!

INFERNAL DAMNATION (California, Horror Pain Gore Death Records)
Death/Thrash from CA. Infernal Damnation was on the roster for last year’s Ball, but was cut when we had to cut our roster from 40 down to 20, so we owed them a spot on this year’s Ball. They will be hitting San Antonio on a Summer tour that we are setting up, so be sure to check the site for that show info, and make sure you come out to that to support them, and be ready to welcome them back at the Ball!

Technical Death Metal from TX. I.D. is a one man killing machine from Houston, and you haven’t seen him perform, you are in for a treat. His music is awesome on disc, but nothing beats the brutality of his live performance. This will be the third Ball for Insidious Decrepancy. He played the very first one in ’07, then again in ’08. Welcome back Shawn!

INVIDIOSUS (Minnesota, unsigned)
Technical Death Metal from MN. Invidiosus is a band name that I have seen for the past few years. I have heard nothing but good things about about them, and now is the time that these guys finally get to come down to TX and perform for all of you at this year’s Ball. Be sure to support this band at the Ball, as I’m sure this name will become familiar to you all one day!

LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR (Illinois, Southern Lord Records)
Thrash/Doom from IL. This was a total win for us, as we are big fans of their music, and we contacted them through E-Mail, and were happy that they agreed to come down and perform for you at the Ball. Right now the band is only playing one off shows, and festivals, so this will be their only show in TX this year.

LOCUSTA (Ohio, unsigned)
Black/Death from OH. Locusta has been here before on tour, and were highly recommended by the members of Hod. They happily accepted the invitation, and we are pleased to have them back in San Antonio again.

MALIGNANT CHRIST (Tennessee, unsigned)
Blackened Death Metal from TN. These guys are new to me, and were recommended by a friend of mine, since he is friends with the members of this band. After giving them a listen, and knowing that my friend will give them some push to fans in San Antonio, I gave them a spot on this year’s Ball. I hope to see a lot of support for these guys.

THE MEATFUCKERS (Mexico, Sex’n’Leather Productions)
This is one of a very few international bands I am bringing for this year’s Ball. This is the most recent band I have heard of, but after a few video posts I saw of them, I was hooked, and knew I had to bring them here to give you their masked performance. I encourage all to be there to witness this band’s performance. I’m sure that after seeing their promo video, you will want to see what these guys are all about.

MEATHOOK (Arizona, Sevared Records)
Brutal Death Metal from AZ. This will be Meathook’s third appearance at the Ball. They performed in ’08, and last year. Unfortunately they performed right after Diabolic last year, and for those who remember, that was a huge mess. I am making it up to Meathook by giving them a prime time slot, so I know all of you will be ready to be brutalized!

MOURNING (New Jersey, Ossuary Industries Records)
Black/Death from NJ. This will be Mourning’s second year performing at the Ball. They played last year’s fest. They are ready to come back to TX and destroy. Their second full length CD will be released this year, so they will be on hand supporting this release.

NOKTURNEL (Texas, unsigned)
Death Metal from TX. Nokturnel returns to the Ball for their second year in a row. Nokturnel have been back to playing shows for less than a year now, and they are in the process of writing & recording new material. Nokturnel will be playing the Ball after participating in A Day of Death Fest in NY and this year’s Maryland Deathfest. Be sure to come check them out at this year’s Ball.

PROLICIDE (Texas, Ossuary Industries Records)
Brutal Death Metal from TX. Prolicide features Mike De Leon of Disfigured. This will be their second performance at the Ball. They performed last year’s Ball.

PUTRID PILE (Wisconsin, Sevared Records)
Brutal Death Metal from WI. Putrid Pile is a one man Brutal Slamming Death Metal band. This will be Putrid Pile’s second time performing at the Ball. He played back in ’08, and was supposed to play last year’s fest, but due to some scheduling conflicts he was not able to perform. This year, he will be back to TX to get the crowd slamming!!!

ROTTENNESS (Mexico, Sevared Records)
Death/Grind from Mexico. This is the second international band on the Ball this year. They were originally scheduled to play the Ball last year, but had to cancel. We have worked out to deal to get them to play this year for sure. We hope you enjoy their performance.

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER (California, Crash Records)
Death Metal from CA. After seeing these guys perform as opening act on the Pestilence tour in the Summer of 2010, I knew I needed to bring these guys back to perform at the Ball. They came and destroyed last year’s fest, and are eager to come back again, so we are pleased to have Sacrificial Slaughter back for their second performance at the Ball. Get your moshing shoes on and your livers ready. Drinking Metal at it’s finest, right here!

SATHANAS (Pennsylvania, Pagan Records)
Black/Death from PA. Sathanas was one of the band to participate in last year’s Ball, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, they were forced to cancel at the last minute. Sathanas has agreed to make up for this by performing at this year’s Ball for sure, 100% without any trouble. We look forward to really having them down here this year!

SEVERANCE (Texas, Sevared Records)
Death Metal from TX. Severance is one of the longest running Death Metal bands in Texas, as they were formed back in 1989, and still going strong. They just released a new full length CD on Sevared Records recently. They will be making their second appearance at the Ball, as they played back at the first one in ’07.  They were scheduled to play in ’09, but they did not perform.

VAGINAL BEAR TRAP (Texas, Ossuary Industries Records)
Death/Grind from TX. VBT is a grindcore band who has a lot of Death Metal influence. They have a massive live sound, and they will definitely get the crowd moving. This will be VBT’s second appearance at the Ball, as they played back in ’08.

VEX (Texas, Horror Pain Gore Death productions)
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal from TX. Vex is definitely no new comer to the Texas underground scene, but this does mark the first ever appearance for them at the Ball. They are definitely an exciting band to watch play live, so please make sure you catch their performance.

VORE (Arkansas, unsigned)
Death Metal from AR. Vore is a band I have been familiar with since 1997. San Antonio had the opportunity to see them back in 2009 when they did a small tour down here and played a show along side Hod, Blaspherian, Butchered Saint, and more. We are pleased to let you know they will be making their debut appearance at the Ball this year!

WOODS OF YPRES (Canada, Earache Records)
Blackened Doom Metal from Canada. As of now, this is the third international band on the Ball this year. This will be the first appearance for them at the Ball. After seeing the amazing crowd response from their tour stop last Summer, I knew these guys would be welcomed back to San Antonio with no complaints. They will be here one other time this year, as they are stopping by S.A. on their Summer tour again, but they will be back and ready to destroy again this November at the Ball.

You can read more on the Goregrowler’s Ball Blog.

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