TORNADO Enter Studio to Record New Album with Peter Tagtgren

The Tornado boys are all set to travel to the cold north of Sweden where they will enter Abyss Studio with world famous metal producer Peter Tagtgren in control of Production duties.  Tornado will record 12 songs during a 2 week period. Commented singer Joey Severance,

“We are all very excited to be going over to Peter’s spot and doing this album. For me personally, this is a dream come true and as a metal fan. I’m excited to be walking in the footsteps of my musical heroes. We’ve been talking  the talk for a long time, now it’s time to walk the walk so to speak…”

The 12 tracks being recorded for the debut album “Amsterdamn, Hellsinki” are

A Bold Statement

Hate Worldwide

3 of 8

Massive Extinction Impact


Ignorance Is Thy Name


Priesthood Pedophilia



Tunisia Uprising

Rise Disciples, Rise


Plus a cover of L.A. Guns – No Mercy

Tornado is:

Superstar Joey Severance – Vocals
Michiel Rutten – Guitar
Ben Varon – Guitar
Pekka Johansson – Bass
Juhana “Starvin Marvin” Karlsson – Drums

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