Barren Earth Gets Tattoos And Lets The Bus Burn In Latest Road Report

Finland’s Barren Earth has checked in with the following 14th part of the band’s North American road report, which again includes ever more bus problems:”On Saturday morning we arrived in Manhattan, New York. We parked in front of the venue, the Gramercy Theater, only to find that the evening’s headliners were billed as Flinntroll. Perhaps Gramercy Theatre was expecting to host the Flinnish Metal Tour?

“Another prestigious city and venue, the New York gig stood out as one of the more memorable shows of the tour. An extremely supportive audience with people singing along to the lyrics, and in some cases even along to the guitar solos, made us feel right at home.

“After New York we drove a bit norther up to Worcester, Massachusetts, where we played at the Palladium. The Palladium has two venues, a small one and a big one. This package of ours was booked to the smaller one. In retrospect this was perhaps a mistake, since the show was sold out, and there were loads of people left without a ticket. The people who did get in proved to be the most energetic crowd so far.

“As has been established in this diary earlier, this trip has left little room for watersports of any kind. Yet in Worcester the gig proved to be a complete diving and surfing feast. Stage-diving and crowd-surfing, that is. Even though we have had the occasional mosh pit during some performances, this is an activity mainly reserved for the other bands on the bill, since our music has lots of mid-paced and lighter moments. But this didn’t seem to hinder the Worcestrians, to whom our gig was the perfect excuse for incessant stage-diving and crowd-surfing. Even in the quieter moments, there seemed to be an ever-flowing stream of enthusiasts surfing towards the stage, from where they then proceeded to stage-dive back to the audience. Bizarre, but a lot of fun, and a particularly high-level energy gig for us. Surfin’ USA, indeed.

“After Worcester, we were to be moving southwards for the remaining 4 dates. After having played a gig per day for two weeks, it was time for a well-deserved day off. On Monday morning, as we had just arrived in Philadelphia, we heard for the umpteenth time that there had been trouble with (surprise, surprise) the bus. Luckily for us, it was the other bus. During the night, the passengers had been awakened to the shouts of ‘The engine is on fire! Get out of the bus!’ Indeed, the motor had caught fire, the fire department and police were there, things had been chaotic, and they had been stranded at some gas station. On Monday morning they were still somewhere in Massachusetts.

“At this point it seems that no piece of news regarding the buses can surprise us anymore. But as it was a day off, this was not the catastrophe it could have been, since there was at least time to get the bus fixed. The plan was then for our bus to go back to Massachusetts the following night to bring the remaining people to Philadelphia, since the broken bus wouldn’t be ready for the road by that time. For the rest of us this was actually a good piece of news, since it meant that we would be spending the night in a hotel in Philadelphia. After four weeks of sleeping in the bus in a 1X2m bunk space, a modest room in a Travelodge hotel felt like a De Luxe suite in Hilton. Not that I’ve ever actually been to a De Luxe suite in Hilton, but you get the picture, I trust.

“The recurring problems with the buses, in addition to other hassles, have resulted in frustration. For example, last week we received advice from Finland, that we should obtain an American Social Security Number. However, visiting a Social Security Office in Philadelphia, we were told that getting the number is impossible, since our visas were only valid for 11 more days. The minimum time would have been 14 days. Why weren’t we notified of this earlier? That was another hour wasted, then. Marko, in particular, was very much dismayed by all of this. So much so, that in Philadelphia he decided to immortalize his sentiments towards the bus company, and the world in general, by taking a tattoo which summed up his feelings. Visiting a local tattoo parlour, he had the letters VMP 2011 tattooed into his right arm. This is a Finnish abbreviation of F**K THIS S**T. I leave it to you, Finnish reader, to do the translation.

“It is customary for us to receive ‘day sheets’ with all the necessary information regarding the day’s gig, including schedules for sound-checks, showtimes, etc. It is also customary for us to take bottled water with us from the venues. However, Tuesday’s day sheet had the following text: ‘We don’t need no water for the bus, let the motherfucker burn.’

“This was a sentiment everyone was happy to concur with.”

Barren Earth is touring in support of the band’s latest full-length album “Curse of the Red River.” You can check out’s review of the album here or read the band’s last tour update at this location.

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