ULVER Prepare New Material and Tour

Ulver Wars Of The RosesUlver have joined forces with Kscope music to release their upcoming album which will be titled “Wars Of The Roses”. Kscope is a new post-progressive label from Peaceville Records which is also working with Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Lunatic Soul, and others.

Well-known for being unpredictable, who knows what to expect with Ulver’s latest album. They have released a preview of the opening track “February MMX” (below) and it is more Rock/Pop than Metal, but no doubt the band is just setting a mood and will open up a lot more later in the album.

Some lyrics being written by the American poet Keith Waldrop, the album will be lyrically themed around an overview of the “human condition and a world in fall”. The actual Wars Of The Roses were a series of civil wars fought in England for the rights to the throne of England. Fought between the houses of Lancaser and York (“red” and “white” roses). The album ‘Wars Of The Roses’ was mixed by producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Swans etc.).

Based out of Oslo, Norway, Ulver have traditionally been more of a programmed/studio band than a traditional set-member rock band. Ulver were formed in 1993 but didn’t perform live until just 2 years ago when they made their debut at the Norwegian Festival of Literature. Afterwards, Ulver played a few more shows and festivals and were also invited to play at the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. Ulver have been using session musicians to cover the material for the performances.

Kristoffer Rygg also known as “Garm”, formed Ulver when he was 16 years old, Ulver’s sound has progressed and varied over time and spanned genres from Folk/Black Metal, Electronica, Symphonic, Noise, and Rock. The list of former, session and guest musicians for their albums has been pretty insane with a cross over of members from Arcturus and Borknagar. If you don’t know Ulver, there’s no “one” good album to get a taste for them, you’re going to have to go and buy them all…including the new one.

Ulver European Tour 2011 – Part 1

March 22 – UK, London, Koko
March 26 – France, Paris, Le Trabendo
March 27 – Netherlands, Rotterdam, Off_Corso
March 28 – Germany, Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
March 29 – Germany, Bochum, Matrix
March 30 – Germany, Karlsruhe, Substage
March 31 – Switzerland, Basel, Z7
April 01 – Germany, Munich, Backstage Halle
April 02 – Italy, Ravenna, Madonna dell’Albero
April 03 – Austria, Vienna, Szene
April 05 – Poland, Poznan, Eskulap
April 06 – Germany, Berlin, K17
April 07 – Slovakia, Bratislava, Majestic
April 08 – Germany, Dresden, Beatpol
April 09 – Belgium, Antwerp, Biebob
April 10 – Germany, Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
April 16 – Norway, Oslo, Rockefeller
April 21 – Finland, Helsinki, Nosturi

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