NEGATIVE EXISTANCE to Release Old Wainds ‘Where the Snows are Never Gone’ in March

Old Wainds
Where the Snows are Never Gone

Negative Existence

Release: 3/18/2011

In 1997 Old Wainds’ Where the Snows are Never Gone was recorded. Eight tracks of absolutely heavy and ruthless Nordic black metal. Negative Existence is now releasing this highly sought first album!

The music on this album can be described as unholy Nordic Metal comparable to early MAYHEM, BURZUM, ENSLAVED, DARKTHRONE, BATHORY with an added touch of old school Death/Thrash. This seminal cold creation from the most powerful Black Metal formation in Northern Russia forever etched the name of OLD WAINDS in the black book of black metal.

1. Unholy Nordland Fire
2. Winter Warriors
3. Gods Gazing From Beyond
4. Eternal Wanderer of Winter Nights
5. Where the Snows Are Never Gone…
6. At the Gates of Frosty Mountains
7. Guardians of the Icy Kingdom
8. Cold Mourning of the Pale Moon

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