HATE – ‘Erebos’ Album Review

Central and Eastern Europe has bred some of the best metal and death metal bands in recent times and one of the bands that inspired many of today’s sound is Polish extreme metallers Hate. Since they started in 1990 they have forged and evolved their hard sound incorporating death, black and industrial metal inspiring a bunch of great bands on the way. Now they are releasing their new album Erebos, a 10 track cross breed of black metal and progressive rock.

The album starts off with “Genesis”, a wonderful piece of music to start off the coming onslaught. Running at less than two minutes it is an exquisite guitar piece –  the lull before the storm – building as it flows and carrying an ominous feeling of what is ahead. Immediately, next track “Lux Aeterna” brings a full on sound attack, pounding with hard drums, throbbing bass and crashing guitars. It’s some of the best metal music I have heard for a while. A third of the track is this great straight sound with stunning riffs and melodies just waiting for the growling grunting vocals of ATF Sinner to take hold. This track continues the great start to the album, but unfortunately we have found the peak already.

Very often the first couple of minutes of tracks such as “Quintessence Of Higher Suffering” are promising and this band can create some great music with the guitar or the synth sound they incorporate into their aggressive style. Sadly though, this is generally lost within the derivative death metal sound a lot of the tracks turn to and many are disappointingly overwhelmed by Sinner’s vocals which are repetitive and all too typical of the genre. There is no real variety to his delivery and you just stop listening to his lyrics under his noise – they just do not fit with the direction the music appears to be trying to go. The rest of the quartet Hexen (drums), Destroyer and Mortifier (guitar and bass respectively), combine with the founding member to create some good sounds (once or twice there was a Killing Joke feel), but for all the promise as in tracks like “Hero Cults” and “Hexagony” they all end up routine and after the great beginning to Erebos it slips away.

It would be harsh to say Hate has come up with a boring album but it certainly fails to deliver the early promise. When there are great up and coming bands from the same region of Europe, such as CounterIgnition and Nothing Left, one cannot feel that they have been surpassed and left behind by the new wave of death/metalcore bands. 

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