BLITZKID To Release “Apparitional” on People Like You Records


American horror-punk legends BLITZKID are about to unleash hell with the release of the most highly anticipated album of their career; the fiendishly-awesome, and adrenaline-charged APPARITIONAL. The album will be available in North America on People Like You Records.  It will see a digital release on March 29th, followed up with a May 3rd physical release.

Starting today, BLITZKID is offering people the chance to check out one of their new tracks “Head Over Hills” from APPARITIONAL on their Facebook Page.  Visit the band’s Facebook page at

Once on the page, clicking the “like” button will unlock the stream of “Head Over Hills”

Together since 1997, the band (current members: ARGYLE GOOLSBY – bass/vocals, NATHAN BANE – guitar/keys, and RICKO MORTIS – drums) have already released several independent albums, and have toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and South America. The release of the Apparitional album on People Like You / Century Media Records marks the first time that the band have worked with an international record label.

The unsuspecting world may never be the same again…

On Apparitional the band has returned to the crypts of their punk rock roots, and the results are a collection of songs that will ignite countless moshpits and audience sing-alongs. Fans of the Misfits, old-school AFI, and Alkaline Trio will undoubtedly be hooked by the album’s overall direct, take-no prisoners energy.

“When we approached the writing of Apparitional we were at a place where we felt a desire to touch base with our more fundamental punk roots.” Says vocalist/bassist Argyle Goolsby. “On our last album FIVE CELLARS BELOW we explored our more fringe musical influences rather than relying solely on our prior albums comfort zones. Doing so gave us a deeper perspective of what propelled BLITZKID. On Apparitional we took that broadening of our sound and brought back much of the urgency and upbeat punk rock melody that our earliest songs conveyed. The results are truly the most resolved and balanced that BLITZKID have ever sounded as a band.”

The band’s tireless work ethic, ever-evolving musical output, and dedication to performing insanely high energy live shows, have helped to build a dedicated worldwide fanbase. Their music has also appeared in numerous underground horror films, most notably “It Came From Trafalgar“, “Dark Wings“: a documentary on the Mothman, “Satan Hates You“, and Gris Grimly’s classic “Cannibal Flesh Riot“.

Also as a bonus to fans in 2011, People Like You / Century Media Records will re-release select titles from the band’s back catalog of independently released albums. (Release dates TBC.)

BLITZKID has always aimed to create something meaningful for themselves and others through songs that stand the test of time. And with Apparitional they may have created the best album of their career. And they’re only just getting started!


APPARITIONAL release dates:

Europe: March 28.

US (digital): March 29.

US (physical): May 3

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