SOLAR FRAGMENT Set To Release “In Our Hands” in April

In Our Hands

Scarlet Records

Release: 4/19/2011

Power Metal has been declared dead many times. However, it is still alive and breathing. Not only that, there is still room for innovations. With their debut ‘A Spark Of Deity’, Solar Fragment already brought a fresh and modern twist to traditional melodic metal but they are now ready to go even further with their second album, set to be released in April 2011 on Scarlet Records. ‘In Our Hands’ holds on to the band’s trademark of keeping things fast, melodic, traditional but fresh, with 10 brand-new tracks which reflect Solar Fragment’s creative development over the past years.

One fine example is vocalist Robert Leger’s extraordinary voice. Having his roots deep in Irish Folk music Robert manages to reach a new peak of performance. He is the living proof that Power Metal can very well go without high pitched screams. It is about the strength within the voice plus the harmony and the energy of well composed vocal lines. Since Robert’s performance on ‘A Spark Of Deity’ has already been compared to Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch they finally have the chance to join forces on the track ‘Inside The Circle’.
Manuel Wiegmann and Marc Peters guitars teem with emotional yet powerful melodies. The foundations laid by Sascha Schiller on drums and Dominic Serwe on bass create a volatile mix of catchy and diversified songs that are still providing the heaviness that every metal fan is craving.

What you hold in your hands is a new piece of carefully crafted metal, ready to set the world on fire. Stay tuned!

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