SHAMAN to Release “Origins” in April

Scarlet Records Release: 4/19/2011

Shaman was formed in 2000, when Ricardo Confessori left Angra and decided to start a new band.
Shaman means “the one that can see in the dark”, and it is represented, in general, by the priests that can heal using elements of the nature. Mixing heavy metal, classical music and world music, the band recorded its debut album, ‘Ritual’, in the beginning of 2002. The album was recorded in Germany, except for some parts recorded in Brazil, and was produced by the famous Sascha Paeth (Heaven´s Gate, Rhapsody Of Fire). Ritual received good reviews by the Brazilian press and all around the world, being released in more than 15 countries. The World Ritual Tour lasted for over a year and a half, crossing Brazil and many other countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. More than 150 shows were played, an excellent mark for a debut album tour.
In 2003, Shaman gained a good position in the specialized media charts, and a great surprise came when ‘Ritual’ was elected “the best (not only heavy metal) album of 2002” by Folha de Sao Paulo (a very well-known and respected Brazilian daily newspaper) readers. The same accomplishment was repeated in 2004. Still in 2004, the band was the opening act for Iron Maiden at the Pacaembu stadium in São Paulo, for an audience of approximately 45.000 people.
To celebrate the huge success, the band decided to register a special live show on DVD. The concert was sold out in Credicard Hall, São Paulo, with fans and friends, filling the stage with special guests like Tobias Sammet, Sascha Paeth, Marcus Viana and George Mouzayek, Andi Deris and Michael Weikath. The release of ‘RituAlive’, in CD and DVD, got great reviews and sales too. According to Universal Music Brazil, ‘RituAlive’ is the best DVD of the genre released in Brazil, due to the content and the quality.
In 2005, with the second studio album practically finished and ready to be released, the band’s name was changed, adding an ‘A’ to it, so it became Shaaman. On the following months, ‘Reason’, the second studio release, reached the stores. The album was recorded in Brazil , produced by the very same Sacha Paeth, who stated that “‘Reason’ was the rescue of all heaviness, feeling and heavy-metal spirit of the 80s” and that “while ‘Ritual’ favoured the undeniable and exceptional skills of the musicians, it opened up space for their hearts and souls”. The music was more organic, and helped to highlight the contrast between heavy guitars, classic keyboards and world music elements. After the ‘Reason’ Tour, that lasted one year, some misunderstandings caused the departure of 3 members, and consequently opened up space to Thiago Bianchi, Léo Mancini and Fernando Quesada.
In 2007, these new members, together with Ricardo Confessori, went back to the former Shaman name and released ‘Immortal’, on Scarlet Records – Europe and JVC Victor – Japan. ‘Immortal’ was out to the end of June, and received a very good feedback from the worldwide press.
In 2008 (July 20th), Shaman recorded their new DVD at Anime Friends 2008, a very famous Manga Fair in Brazil. Some new and older songs were performed in front of almost 18 thousand people. The DVD was released in 2009 and features vey interesting bonus contents such as the recording process of ‘Immortal’, backstage scenes and a “day by day” chronicle of the biggest Heavy Metal band in Brazil nowadays. In 2009 Shaman also performed with a complete orchestra at the Masters Of Rock Festival in Vizovice, Czech Republic, in front of 30.000 people.
But it’s now time for the band’s third studio offering, ‘Origins’, an outstanding collection of songs that brings to the table some of Shaman’s most memorable riffs and vocal melodies so far.

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