WARFIELD to Release “Trivmvirat” via Chaos Records

Warfield Trivmvirat
Chaos Records Release: 3/25/2011

On the Trivmvirat MCD, Mexico’s WARFIELD brings it fast, brings it black, and wraps it up in poisoned black metal atmosphere. The follow-up to 2009 full length Conquering the Black Horde includes three new non-album tracks, three bonus live cuts, and a bonus rehearsal cut. On Trivmvirat WARFIELD offers its own version of the apocalypse and in the process snuffs out any remaining hope for the existence of God. Recommend for fans of Thornium, The Black, Watain, Merrimack, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.

Trivmvirat track listing:

01. The Initiate
02. Divinity
03. Trinity
04. Vomit on the cross (live)*
05. Satanic Legislation (live)*
06. Wolf Chakal (live)*
07. Pestilencia (rehearsal)*

* Bonus Tracks

Hellfire –  Gvitar & protest
Molosh –  Gvitar
Damnation – Bass
Kano – Drvms

Warfield was formed by Hellfire – who makes the Music, Concept and Art – in 2006. Hellfire talks with Infernal to play drums for Warfield. This lineup records the first demo called Demo 2007 and was recorded by Miguel Angeles (Mat Studios, Mexico) and releases through Sade records (Mexico). The demo was limited to 1,000, hand numbered copies and contained four tracks. Along with the some live appearances the demo led to Warfield making a big impact in the Mexican black metal scene.  Hellfire and Infernal kept working until the last months of 2007 and recorded the Conquering the Black Horde album with Miguel Angeles (Mat Studios, Mexico), which was released by Black Saw Records (Mexico). It was limited to 1,000 copies and featured eight tracks of pure black metal. An edition releases by Calamity Productions (Thailand) was limited to limited to another 1,000 hand numbered copies and contained nine tracks.  In 2007 and 2008 Warfield toured through many Mexican states. When the tour was finished they return to home and in the 2009 Hellfire talked with Molosh about joining on second guitar work and with Damnation about joining on bass. With this line up Hellfire, Infernal, Molosh, and Damnation recorded the music for the Trivmvirat mini-CD, which was recorded at the beginning of 2010 by Damnation (Pasamano Studios, Mexico). At the end of 2010 Infernal leaves the band for personal reasons and Kano takes over on drums. Now in the 2011 Warfield is working on the second album and booking gigs.


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