SALT THE WOUND Releasing 3rd Album “Kill The Crown”

Salt The Wound
Kill The Crown

Rotten Records Release: 3/15/2011

Salt the Wound is back with their original line up to bring to the world their 3rd full-length album, released on Rotten Records, entitled “KILL THE CROWN” for 2011.  Three years since his departure, front man and founding member Kevin Schaefer has returned to the group with a vengeance. Writing more powerful lyrics than ever and featuring stronger vocal hooks within every single song, Schaefer is confident that the group has written their best installment yet.  Following a grueling tour schedule that covered over 20 countries in the past three years, these road warriors were used to writing and recording their own brutal brand of metal on the road. The group took a new approach to writing their third release, taking almost an entire year off the road to focus on revising and perfecting “KILL THE CROWN” into the most crushing, in-your-face and brutal release the band has ever composed.

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