Withering Soul’s “No Closure” Drops Today

No Closure from Chicago’s WITHERING SOUL sees release today, March 8, 2011 through Mortal Music.  Get in touch at clawhammerpr@gmail.com to find out why X-Plosive Metal called No Closure a “brilliant record,” The Offering Webzine dubbed it “a great black metal album,” and Blistering.com declared it “a great album.”

No Closure is a combination of symphonic black metal and melodic death metal with some gothic overtones thrown in as well. As an added treat, guest backing vocals have been provided by Melissa Ferlaak. Inclusive of quality Scandinavian influences, but now with mature competency, they have carved their own path that is destined to generate a buzz in the underground and capture fans across the board.

01. Night of the Revenant
02. Phantasmal Chaos Divinity
03. The Sequitor
04. Tides of the Accursed
05. Possession of Deception – Part II
06. Sadistic Redress
07. Manifest Transparency
08. Lifeless they Lie
09. Unquiet
10. Requiem of Sorrow





Today’s metal market may be saturated with melodic black/extreme metal from all corners of the world, but Chicago’s Withering Soul promises to deliver on all fronts. If you want sinister screams as well as bone-chilling cleans, you’ll get them.  If you want interesting time changes and climactic phrasings, you will find them here too.  Add some creepy atmosphere and dueling guitars for good measure and you have No Closure, the band’s debut full length offering.

Withering Soul was founded by brothers Mykil (Vocals) and Krystofer (Guitars / Synths), and what originally started as a side project, eventually developed into a full band.  The group first recruited Matt “Xaphar” Block (ex-Nachtmystium) on drums to complete their EP release,

Apparitions of the Surreal (2004).

The band later added some new musicians; Marek who replaced Matt on drums, and also William on bass to complete an endless assault of live shows, sharing the stage with the legendary acts such as Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Finntroll, Satyricon, Absu and Hanzel und Gretyl to name a few.  In recent news, the band was featured on ReUnation – A Tribute to Running Wild

with their cover of “Firebreather.”  The album was released worldwide by Germany’s Remedy Records and received positive reviews including a “Best Song on Album” by WeRock (SWE).

In keeping with their diligent work ethic, the Withering Soul is also currently writing new material for their follow up album, which will be yet another step towards their ultimate goal to leave a lasting impression on the metal world with its own brand of music.




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