Deathgasm Unleashes Blaspherian’s “Infernal Warriors of Death” Today


Deathgasm Records has just unleashed BLASPHERIAN’s Infernal Warriors of Death for the rabid death metal masses to devour. Bestial unholy death doom has returned. Sworn to death and evil, Houston, Texas’ BLASPHERIAN have conjured a work of pure, crushing old school death metal. Heavy guitars, demonic vocals and ritualistic, pounding drumming create an atmosphere unmatched by BLASPHERIAN’s contemporaries.

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Infernal Warriors of Death can be purchased by visiting the link below. A CD + t-shirt combo deal is also available.



CD + T-SHIRT combo deal:


Track listing:

1. The Disgrace of God

2. Desecration Eternal

3. Sworn To Death and Evil

4. Lies of the Cross

5. Infernal Warriors of Death

6. In The Shadow of His Blasphemous Glory

7. Invoking Abomination

8. Exalted in Unspeakable Evil


“Revisiting the past without simply re-hashing it, Blaspherian wrap old school death metal influences around a new spirit. Infernal Warriors of Death is detached, inhuman, and massively evil.”Sputnik Music

“Blaspherian improve upon their promising debut Allegiance to the Will of Damnation, sharpening their focus by developing riffs as themes, stacking multiple variations of a similar idea and then slaughtering it with counter-themes. While firmly grounded in the old school, Infernal Warriors of Death opens up new horizons for the old school death metal genre.”

If there were some means by which you could round up all the death metal artists across the world, grasp them all in your fist and squeeze them down to their most primal, base instincts, then you’d open your fist upon Texans Blaspherian, who have wrought some of the purest shit imaginable. They stay straight on course, through curving, hellish crimson cumuli of pain and suffering.” From the Dust Returned

The results sound fresh and hungry while maintaining a reverent posture towards the death metal paradigm. Infernal Warriors of Deathstands as a prime example of how to craft a truly dark and atmospheric piece of death metal. It may prove to be the most reliable release of 2011.” – (Extreme Metal Music)

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