Indestructible Noise Command and AOL’s Discuss the ‘Bleed the Line’ EP

Never-Before-Seen ‘Heaven Sent, Hellbound’ Studio Footage Available Now

Set to Release New Full-Length Album ‘Heaven Sent, Hellbound’ on May 24th, 2011

Internationally established thrash metal band INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND recently caught up with AOL’s to discuss the band’s past, their influences, and what they are doing to get back into recording mode after their 20 year hiatus. The interview also discusses the band’s recently released digital EP, Bleed the Line.

Make sure to check out the interview and also watch some never-before-seen Heaven Sent, Hellbound studio footage at the same location. The band will be releasing Heaven Sent, Hellbound on May 24th, 2011. The release is being produced by world-famous record producer Fredrik Nordström (At the Gates, In Flames, Opeth), and the artwork is illustrated by famous artist Sam Shearon (Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Fear Factory). recently posted a free download of ‘God Loves Violence’, the new single cut from the band’s current EP Bleed the Line, and also from their upcoming full-length, Heaven Sent, Hellbound. The track is also produced by Heaven Sent, Hellbound producer Fredrik Nordström. The track is now available for streaming only at the link above. recently posted the music video for ‘God Loves Violence’. Head to this link to watch the video.

In it’s first week, INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND’s new EP Bleed the Line debuted at #4 Most Added on the CMJ Loud Rock charts. The EP entered the charts at #12 and is currently on the cusp of the top 10 at #11. The EP is currently spinning at many college and commercial radio stations nationwide. Bleed the Line EP is available now in digital format. Fans can download the record at iTunes and now.

Through humble beginnings in Connecticut, INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND exceeded their own expectations and the expectations of others with two successful full-length Giant Records releases, Razorback (1987) and The Visitor (1988). Giant Records signed I.N.C. after witnessing the band’s crushing live performances with the likes of Exodus, Megadeth and King Diamond; all of which taking place only six months after they had graduated high school. In 1988 with The Visitor, the band hit #1 on the CMJ Metal charts and stole the U.K. #2 Import slot out from underneath Aerosmith. Now based in New York City, the band is back with their Bleed the Line EP and Heaven Sent, Hellbound. I.N.C. is an original pioneer of the thrash metal scene, resurrected in order to take back a genre recently flooded with neo-thrash carbon copies. Revived and back with a vengeance, I.N.C. is ready to prove ownership of the scene in 2011.


Erik Barath – Guitar

Tony Fabrizi – Guitar

Dennis Gergely – Vocals

Dennis Leeflang – Drums

Samuel J. Roon – Bass


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