God Dethroned Reveals Track Listing For Upcoming Album

The track listing for GOD DETHRONED’s upcoming album, Passiondale, has been released. The album is a concept album about the horrors and life in France during WWI. More details about the album’s concept and the cover art will be released soon. Vocalist & guitarist Henri Sattler describes Passiondale as “a fast, brutal & epic soundtrack to a war movie.”

Passiondale track listing:

1. The Cross of Sacrifice
2. Under a Darkening Sky
3. No Man’s Land
4. Poison Fog
5. Drowning in Mud
6. Passiondale
7. No Survivors
8. Behind Enemy Lines
9. Fallen Empires
10. Artifacts of the Great War

Passiondale will be available everywhere on April 28th

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