Monsterworks’ The God Album Released Today in the U.S.

Monsterworks’ The God Album Released Today in the U.S.

MONSTERWORKS’ The God Album has arrived in North America on this 8th day of March, 2011 via Casket Music.  The forward thinking metal masterpiece saw European release on February 28th.

Consisting of Hugo (bass), James (drums), Marcus (lead guitar) and Jon (guitar/vocals), the UK’s Monsterworks has thrown all its collective experience into a new and ambitious slab of granite joy: The God Album, a philosophical journey navigating the woes of religion and its implications for the modern world.  Monsterworks has been described as “thinking man’s metal.” Vocalist Jon (also vocalist/lyricist for The Living Fields) says “Since the release of our heavy metal space adventure concept albums: Spacial Operations and Singularity [“2112 for the download generation” – Classic Rock] I was intrigued with the idea of ‘themed’ records rather than straight narrative stories.  This new album has something to say from a few different angles and I hope it will reinforce the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of blind faith.  We live in an age of great technological achievement, yet a significant part of the populations of supposedly modern industrialized nations believe that the Earth is six thousand years old.  There is something profoundly bizarre about that.  It is worth having a cup of tea or a few beers and pondering whilst listening to The God Album.”

Everything You Believe is a Lie



The Enemy of My Enemy


False Miracle


Let It Go

(Hymn of) Fire


Exclusive streams of “Everything you Believe is a Lie” and “God” available from at this location:

Check out “Let It Go” from The God Album at:

Recent Press Quotes:

Critical Praise for The God Album!

“An intelligently developed lyrical concept, some fantastic individual performances, a powerful production and some quite stunning songs…The God Album has it all. Monsterworks have really outdone themselves with The God Album.”Metal Team UK

“A solid album full of good songwriting and playing and that doesn’t sound like insert-band-from-style-of-the-week here. Go check it out.” MetalShip [Rating: 9/10]

“The God Album by Monsterworks is a very different album that tries to stay original and does a nice job of it. In the long run, it’s a fresh idea, and for that alone it’s worth checking out. The band clearly has talent, and The God Album nicely shows it.” – [Rating: 8/10]

“Monsterworks have a creative style that they have chosen to use as the medium for presenting their message to the world. Journey with them to the promise land…truth.” [Rating: 8/10]

“Monsterworks are a very talented and original band that takes the classic power metal sound and mixes in death metal influences to keep the music from being weak or outdated by modern standards, and if you have been looking for something new but borrows from the old, you should check out this band.”HatredMeansWar Blogspot

“Their music is equally deep and poignant – taking traditional influences like Priest and Maiden and supercharging them to create intense songs. Elsewhere they show a more sensitive, almost trippy side that contrasts amazingly well with those Strapping Young Lad type blastbeats. …wonderful discovery.” Battle Helm

“If you like experimental metal with passages of different styles, do not hesitate to give a listen to a band unknown to the vast majority in these parts, but with “The God Album” is calling your ears with force.” Queens of Steel [Rating: 8/10]

“Monsterworks steps up to fill an interesting void that I didn’t know existed. The God Album is a really good listen.” Funeral Rain Zine

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