Crossover Act Killick Posts Excerpt feat. Brann Dailor of Mastodon

Athens, Georgia musician KILLICK has posted an excerpt from the track “Bloodletting” on his MySpace, plus a video teaser which can be found below.

The music will appear on the upcoming album Exsanguinette, due on Solponticello Records in July. KILLICK features Brann Dailor of MASTODON on drums, along with an eclectic mix of other musicians. Exsanguinette was recorded October 2008 in Athens at John Keane Studios by engineer Tom Lewis.

This was the first major project for KILLICK after surviving a serious health event a few months earlier. As he writes,

“On June 4th, 2008 I was admitted into the hospital with a life-threatening bleeding duodenal ulcer. I’d never been through a physical ordeal on this scale. My body continues to recover but something greater happened. I was given a glimpse of the absolute, a space of peace where contradictions resolve. The conditions were ripe for some insight: I’d long been working towards a music and way of living beyond categorization. Not to be difficult or contrarian, rather to recognize things for what they are, not what they resemble. And with a renewed sense of purpose I’m excited to further and deepen my explorations in this direction. So I’m not sure I can call what I do ‘music’ anymore.”

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