Meet Bad Salad – Part of The Roadrunner Records Best of SignMeTo Roadrunner Records Winter Sampler

Roadrunner Records official A&R demo site SignMeTo Roadrunner Records released their first ever sampler featuring unsigned artists. Each week would we will highlight a new artist that is featured on the sampler.

Meet Bad Salad from Brazil. Forming in 2007 the band had no preconceived path and developed naturally. Fast forward 4 years and the band has matured into a progressive metal machine. They have covered numerous Dream Theater songs which have been mini-hits on YouTube. Their track Crowded Sky is one of the most popular tracks on SignMeTo Roadrunner Records. Here is a little taste of the track, and don’t forget you can get the full track for FREE! Let us know what you think.

Check out Bad Salad’s SignMeTo Roadrunner Records profile.

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