On The Road with THE HUMAN ABSTRACT’s A.J Minette Part 2

The Human Abstract is currently on the road with The Atticus Metal tour. Guitarist A.J Minette will be checking in frequently with updates from the road. Read part one here. This is the second edition of those updates:

The first week of the Atticus Metal tour has been great. The shows have been great and the rest of the bands are a blast. After months of preparation it is satisfying to finally be out on the road again. Things were running smoothly for the first several shows, until the “check engine” light came on in our van. Having broken down several times before, we decided to take the van into the deal to get fixed immediately. Our transmission and radiator were shot, but the Warranty Gods protected us, and all was taken care of. I’ve never heard of a mechanic installing a transmission and radiator within 24 hours, let’s just hope everything stays put.

While the van was in the shop we did what anyone would do… rent a minivan. This wasn’t any regular minivan either. This was built for a soccer mom and her brats… TVs, wireless headphones, DVD player, multiple stereos, and some stretch limo style dome lights. We took full advantage of the minivan and watched Gladiator with the stereo blasting while our van was getting its sex change. The van was finished and we weren’t sure if we were going to make it to the next show.

Our set was supposed to start at 7:20 and our GPS said we would make it by 7:45. Dean was hell bent on proving the GPS wrong. We needed to test out the new gear on the van anyway. It is surprising that we didn’t get pulled over, I guess the Marine Corps. sticker is working. We made it to the venue around 7:23, just enough time to throw and go. Even though we only had time to play 3 songs, the energy was amazing that night. After we played we were adorned with sweets from the orient and challenges at air hockey. I am the undisputed champ at air hockey…

We finally got finished pressed copies of our new album Digital Veil. It was great to finally have a tangible copy of the album. With only a few days until the release (March 8th) we are all feeling incredibly anxious. That’s it for now, but we have plenty of tour left, and plenty of adventures waiting on us.

Stay tuned for more updates! The Human Abstract‘s new album Digital Veil is in stores now. Check out their new music video and catch them on The Atticus Metal Tour.

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