ANIMALS AS LEADERS Guitarists Team Up with THE MARS VOLTA Sax Player to Form New Band

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Back in January, we got very excited when we uncovered video footage of The Mars Volta saxaphonist Adrian Terrazas got on stage with Animals As Leaders producing an awesome collaboration. Well, turns out that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship as we got a press release from Sumerian Records letting us know they just signed a new band, T.R.A.M. which features the aformentioned Adrian Terrazas (The Mars Volta) on saxophone, flute, bass clarinet and percussion, Javier Reyes & Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders) on guitars and Eric Moore (Suicidal Tendencies) on drums.

Those of you eager to hear new music from the quartet won’t have to wait long as they will release Lingua Franca in May, with new music set to pop up on their Facebook page soon. Terrazas gave this quote on how the band was formed:

Terrazas states: “Tosin Abasi and I were originally introduced by a mutual friend, Raanen Bozzio, last summer. This meeting also served as my first introduction to Animals As Leaders and Javier Reyes. Since then, Abasi, Reyes and I have developed a great relationship. We got together almost every day to try out ideas and after a month we had already formulated a majority of the record. At this point we contacted Eric Moore, an incredible drummer and the most joyful person to be around, and soon everything we had envisioned rhythmically came together on our fist meeting/recording session (at the Farias productions studios) on what is now T.R.A.M.

“I never know how people will respond to our music, I just never know! My goal is to try to instill a strong feeling or energy in people and I feel that collectively we achieved this goal tenfold with this new project. We all have a great enthusiasm and desire to perform this material live and see this band further develop. We look forward to hearing what you all think of it.”

As if that isn’t enough, the band’s first show will be at SXSW as part of NJ’s WSOU 89.5FM’s showcase on Thursday, March 17th at Venue 222 (222 E. 6th St. in Austin, TX) performing with The Faceless, Ultrageist, Meek Is Murder, Death On Two Wheels and Beta Wolf. Now if you excuse me, I need to go change my underwear, because I just splooged myself.

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