Bed Bugs Diggin’ on Heavy Metal

I think I’ve heard it all folks.  I love metal….and so do quite alot of people around the world but I’d never thought that bed bugs would be drawn to it.  All ya need is some cheap-ass whiskey and some Motorhead and you’re all set (those really do go together yanno)  Here’s a response from “Gary” regarding an article about ridding yourself of those nasty lil pests…

We spray the room with a cheap whiskey and then turn on the strobe lights and heavy metal music. The bed bugs love the music and are drawn out. They get drunk from the whiskey. While I am dancing with my girl friend we stomp the bed bugs and kill them. This process works as well as the products listed here.

3-08-2011 @7:34PM

If you’d like to check out the whole article go here.  And, it looks as though metal has a negative affect on beetles, as well!  Check out “Heavy Metal Music Aimed at Beetles Pest Control”.  Why am I feeling offended all of a sudden?

~ by Rhonnie

bedbug infestation

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