A BAND OF ORCS Are the Leaders of The Domination

Oog, Cretos, Hulg, Gronk!, and Gogog are a band of Orcs from Hirntodia, a dimension that quickly grew too small to contain them. They came to the Earth realm through a game of Dungeons & Dragons played by a group of Human children, who are now dead. The Dungeon Master’s older brother, Jed, saved his own life by offering to teach the Orcs to play guitar. SLAYER‘s “Reign in Blood” play in the background of Jed’s room and eased the rage of the beasts, they found that Metal was something suitable for A BANDOF ORCS to master and use as a method of recruitment to dominate Earth.

So it began.


Greetings Humans,

Allow me to introduce myself. They call me Gruesom Grimp. I am the Chaos Pundit and Manager for A Band of Orcs. If you have not yet heard of A Band of Orcs, methinks that is due to the fact that their meteoric rise has not quite yet exploded into your consciousness. Allow me to remedy this.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to ally yourselves with A Band of Orcs, so that when they usher in the Domination you and yours will be spared. All the rest of puny humanity will perish in fire, blood and oh! so much metal. Wouldn’t you prefer to ride the wave of sonic destruction to superstardom with them, rather than get trampled into the dirt of prosaic human history?

Check out our tune “Warchiefs of the Apocalypse”


A Band of Orcs website

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