Sumerian Records Blame Pirating for Supposed Album “Leak”

What started out as serious business has become absurd.  Sumerian Records got on Facebook and started lashing out regarding BORN OF OSIRIS’s album getting leaked.  Here’s the founder, Ash Avildsen,  of Sumerian Record’s beginning post..

hey all you jobbers who like to steal our albums – word out on the ocean (pirates don’t use streets) is that the BOO album has leaked.. perhaps the pirate ship will leak too and sink in to the sea. in any case, enjoy pirating the record and hopefully you guys choke on a cannonball. happy torrenting you cowards! -ash

This guy sounds real mature.  Wait’ll ya see the rest of his postings.  Here’s what gets me….did Sumerian Records and the band leak the torrent themselves?  From what I’m getting the torrent isn’t even the exact copy of the actual leak and nobody even knew there was a leak.   WTF?  Apparently this whole thing is a farce started by Sumerian themselves.

Sumerian Records ‎@ Will – before you comment about BOO leaking the torrent themselves as if you know what you’re talking about, you should hear the torrent. it is not the same as the store version or the pre-order version. i can tell you that much. there is a reason they leaked it and that we started this thread. 🙂

To check out the whole fucked up thread go to Sumerian Records Facebook Page

Born of Osiris Facebook Page

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