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With the new mega release of GOD DETHRONED’s Passiondale on Metal Blade Records, the band proves that they are back at full force, and ready for the takeover.  SMN News has just interviewed GOD DETHRONED’s newest guitarist, Susan Gerl, which is also her very first interview in the US – glad we can get the ball rolling on that!  Check out Susan’s thoughts on Passiondale, upcoming GOD DETHRONED tours, her dream tour she has created, and more…


After much anticipation, GOD DETHRONED has made such an explosive return into the metal scene with Passiondale.  Thanks for coming back for more!  How does it feel to be back, and to just completely stun the GOD DETHRONED fans and those who haven’t heard the band yet?

Susan: You’re very welcome! It feels great to have created an album that is liked and received that well by so many people! We are glad that we receive so many positive reactions about our new CD and that it made such an impact.

You have some really powerful screams, and a ton of really powerful riffs.  Everybody in GOD DETHRONED brings a lot of great ideas to the band!  When recording the 2009 Metal Blade release, Passiondale, how does everybody in the band feel about the finished product?

Susan: Even though I only joined the band after the recordings I feel really proud to be part of all this and if I speak for the others: they are all really pleased with the final outcome.

Out of the whole GOD DETHRONED discography of killer metal releases, are there any songs you especially like to play live?

Susan: I especially like to play Nihilism and Poison Fog (and many other songs of course) live.

“Poison Fog” is an amazing song!  The level of extreme metal is outstanding, and the melodies are really catchy.  There must have been a lot of great ideas being thrown around for Passiondale.  Does GOD DETHRONED have any ideas on future material and musical direction?

Susan: We have not really discussed new material yet, but as far as our musical direction is concerned I guess that nothing much will change as far as the combination of brutality and melody is concerned. The leads might become slightly different when I will contribute to a new album, since I simply have a different way of playing than for example Isaac or Jens.

Here’s a fun and tricky question.  If you were to organize a dream tour, who would be on it?  Feel free to name a full scale festival if you wish.

Susan: Carcass! Would be great to play together with this band once. Would be cool to do a tour with Carcass and Arch Enemy, though practically I don’t think that would be that good since poor Michael and Daniel would have to play twice every night then, haha 😉

GOD DETHRONED has created such a brilliant and meaningful concept album, and it sounds great!  Aside from the metal being just extremely awesome, you guys have got to be proud of making your mark?

Susan: Thank you very much. Of course you are always proud as a band if you manage to have made your mark in any way and if that is something we have achieved so far then we are definitely very happy with that.

You guys have toured a lot of places, seen a lot of cool things, and played with many awesome bands with equally awesome people.  The road life must be fun.  What are the band’s excitement levels for the upcoming tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Sacramental Blood?

Susan: We are all really excited to go on tour again since it’s been a while that the band has toured. We are eager to do the ‘Storming the Balkans’  tour in June because we have not been to these countries before.

I know you guys are about to conquer Europe and South America, as well as Mexico.  Do you know if there’s any chance of you guys coming to the US?

Susan: Yes! Only a few days ago we announced a 3-week tour through the United States together with Woe of Tyrants, Abigail Williams and Augury. Please visit our site (www.myspace.com/villavampiria) to check out the exact dates and venues.

What music has been playing in your CD player for your listening pleasure?

Susan: I have listened a lot to our new “Passiondale” CD of course, but very recently I have also been listening to the last Paradise Lost album, the occasional Carcass, some Satriani for relaxation and some new releases to keep a bit up-to-date.

After just creating the monster in Passiondale, it sure looks like people are starting to catch on.  Looks like Passiondale is doing great so far.  How does the future look for the almighty GOD DETHRONED?

Susan: The future looks very bright! The vast majority of CD reviews has been extremely positive. We are all very focused at the moment and are all anxious to hit the road again and promote this album and meet people and fans. We will start with a 10-day tour in the Balkans in June, then play a number of summer festivals across Europe and in September we’ll embark on a 3-month tour through South America, The United States and Europe.


Label: Metal Blade Records
Website: http://www.myspace.com/villavampiria
By Alex Gilbert

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