Evergreen Terrace Complete Tracking for “Almost Home”, Video Update

Florida’s EVERGREEN TERRACE is hard at work tracking the music for, Almost Home, their follow up to 2007’s critically acclaimed, Wolfbiker. The band has just uploaded the first video studio update:

Josh James comments:

“We are almost finished tracking the music for our new record titled Almost Home and let me be the first to say that this record is not going to suck! Next week we head down to Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, FL to start laying down vocals with metal mastermind, Jason Suecof. We are currently working on some US and European tour dates so keep your ears/eyes open. If you live on Earth then we might be coming near your town once this record comes, and if you don’t live on Earth, then you’re an alien and probably eat cats. And PETA freaks out when you eat cats. Trust me, it’s ok to eat donuts but not dog nuts, that’s hypocrisy.”

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