A Metal Lesson Vol. 2 – Where It’s At….

By Gypsy Rose

Heavy metal can be heard anywhere, and everywhere; with the exceptions of a few places, or times. Most places like libraries, churches, the Dr. Office waiting room, don’t have heavy metal or music of the like, playing in the background. When you’re on hold on the phone to your local cable company, bank, or setting an appointment somewhere, you don’t get to hear metal; you get stuck with elevator music.
Well I’m not here to tell you where you can’t hear heavy metal, I’m here to inform you of all the most interesting places, to hear and see heavy metal. Even though television is a soon to be ancient way to hear or see heavy metal music. Neither MTV nor VH1 play any good metal videos or music videos at all anymore, unless you count the Headbangers Ball; which I don’t really for any new music anyway.

It’s great to have a “diddely do” moment on occasion though. Movies contain awesome heavy metal throughout the movie, in certain action scenes, or in the soundtrack itself. There were more metal music in the 80’s and 90’s movies, such as Wayne’s World, 1&2, Maximum Overdrive; the entire soundtrack was done by AC/DC. One of my favorite soundtracks from the 80’s was the soundtrack from the movie Shocker. You can’t go wrong when Desmond Child puts some of the best metal musicians together on one album.
The most popular places to hear metal now and the most efficient way to listen to great metal is through the Internet. The Internet has above all the most media available for our listening and viewing pleasure. You tube has been a personal favorite of mine. Not only can you hear the metal, majority rules with videos also. MySpace is another user friendly tool to friend people, but great metal bands promote themselves on there as well. I get so many friend requests from up and coming metal bands that want me to check out their music on their playlist. One of my favorite up and coming metal bands is Haxan from Australia so check them out.
Don’t just limit yourself to the internet, get out of the house and head to your local record store. Most often it’s your local record store’s that plays great metal, that you’ve probably not heard of, but you can easily find out who they are, and pick up a copy of their album too while you’re there. My favorite record store is here in my hometown, the Disc Exchange, in Knoxville, TN.  Check them out if you’re in the neighborhood.

Next, head to the mall. There’s some record stores, but most of those only play hip hop, rap or dance music. If you’re lucky your local mall may a Hot Topic. There you will hear some serious heavy metal you may or may not have heard of. What makes it even better is that you can buy music, and t-shirts to boot. How cool is that!

So now that we’ve got you out of the house, you’ve gone to your local record store, and have made a trip to the mall.  Now it’s time to check out any concerts in your area. Some of your smaller venues usually have the better metal bands that play there. I’ve gone to some pretty awesome concerts, in many different places, and venues. I’ve seen Iron Maiden twice at Blossom Music Centre in Ohio, and Ozzy, AC/DC and Aerosmith at Thompson Bolling Arena in Knoxville, TN. At the Valerium, also in Knoxville, I saw Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, Adalitas Way, and Tantric just to name a few. So get some tickets, go see a show.  It’ll  be great and you’ll remember it forever.

Now don’t forget where most of these bands started from, in the first place. Local pubs and bars all over the country. Very small venues these may be, but you’ll get to hear some great music, get to meet the band after the show and I’ll bet you can pick up their CD and an autograph. Then one day, you’ll hear them on the radio, and you’ll pull out that signed copy and smile.

Speaking of the radio, the oldest form of listening to anything, and needs honorable mention to be sure. (I can’t believe I forgot it.) From the early days of the king himself, Elvis Presley, to the British invasion from the Beatles, the pioneers of rock, came over the monotone airways, thru speakers on an old radio, or your car, as you’re driving down the road. Today’s radio have way more channels to choose from such as Sirus or XM; which have all genres of heavy metal . If paying for your radio in this recession isn’t in your budget, you can tune in to your local stations that play rock or metal or hit some internet stations like Braingell Radio. You’ll at least get to hear from classic rock and metal, to today’s more mainstream metal bands. While visiting in Knoxville, TN tune in to our local metal station 94.3 the X.

So you have your radio station tuned in, your metal coming in loud and proud. You’re out late from the concert, or your local pub; where to go now to hear some great metal? Probably the most obscure place you’d ever think to hear some heavy metal. The local strip club and or gentleman’s club. The adult clubs aren’t just for pretty girls and lap dances. They have to dance to something on stage, right? Yes, most girls dance to dance music, rap or hip hop, but there are a few metal heads that rock out the stage as well. Usually your Goth girls or the really cool chicks with all the crazy tattoos and piercings; rock or metal is what you’ll hear when they take the stage. Most of your basic metal bands like Motley Crüe, Ozzy, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Nickelback just to name a few. (If you’ve ever been to an adult club, you can’t walk out without hearing Girls, Girls, Girls, at least once while you’re there.) Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll hear some really great metal you’ve never heard of, that you’ll end up asking the DJ, “just who is that?” You’ll get more than your dollars worth by finding a new band to listen to and then make another trip to your local record store. If your visiting the Knoxville, TN location, then go check out The’ Katch One, and you’ll hear some great heavy metal, and for some you’ve never heard of.
So now that you’ve been on the Internet, flipped channels on the TV and watched movies, went to your record store, bought CDs and t-shirts at the mall, went to concerts, and bars. You’ve listened to great music on the radio, and learned about some new bands to fallow in obscure places. Heavy metal just isn’t where we buy it, listen to it, find it, wear it, or even play it on our iPods. We hear heavy metal in our minds, and even in our souls, because we gave our hearts and souls to metal, and feel it down to our bones. There’s nothing else like it, no matter where or how you find it, it’s there, and there’s no time like the present, to get out there, and get you some!

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