Sigh set to film music video in Charm City: Scenes from Hell, Scenes from Baltimore

What started off as a simple rights and clearances query has led to a creative partnership between Japanese black-metal heroes SIGH, and Canadian director David Hall.

“I wrote the band to ask for permission to film them at this year’s Maryland Deathfest, and to film them checking out the sights of Baltimore,” Hall explained, describing how the partnership came about, “Dr. Mikanibal (vocals and saxophone in Sigh) asked me if I could film them playing their instruments outside, and they would find someone else to edit it, so I asked ‘why don’t you just let me make you a video?’

A long time fan of the band, Hall is ecstatic to be directing the video for ‘Prelude to the Oracle,’ a track off the forthcoming Scene’s from Hell, due out in the near future on The End Records.

Hall will be in Baltimore to film Maryland Deathfest the Movie, a feature about the 7th annual Maryland Deathfest music festival, but will make time to direct the video he and the band developed the concept for.  “We’re going to be shooting in this amazing park called ‘Druid Hill Park,’” Hall said from his London home, “and we’re going to shoot at parties, on the street and in our hotel rooms.  The concept and story are a secret, but there will be blood, that much I can say.  And we need extras!!!

If you want to be in a cool SIGH video, email David Hall at

Hall has directed the feature films:

  • Axis of Eden the Feature Film
  • Disgorge, Mexico the Movie

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