HAMMERFALL To Release New Album on May 20th

Hammerfall_Infected_300On May, 20th, HAMMERFALL is going to release their new album, Infected.

James Michael (MÖTLEY CRÜE, SCORPIONS, MEAT LOAF) produced and helped lay the foundation. He also mixed the album, giving it a decisive updated edge without losing anything of the essence of the band.

“James helped us create something that was new and exciting while still in the line of our heritage”, Oscar Dronjak, guitar player and founder of the band, explains.

“Never before have we sounded this fresh and up to date without losing the essence of what HammerFall is all about: Pure “Infected” Heavy Metal!”, comments vocalist and frontman Joacim Cans.

“You will experience us like you’ve never done before! We’ve got a lot of fresh influences shining through in the music, but everything you love about HammerFall will still be there”, says Oscar. “This is HammerFall in 2011, the legend has been reborn!”


For track list and more, visit the band on  Facebook.




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