American Idol’s Adam Lambert to Front Queen? and FOX TV are reporting that American Idol runner up Adam Lambert could well be taking up the role as QUEEN’s next lead singer.

“Rumors flew that he had already been offered a job singing with the band. That’s slightly premature, according to the band’s guitarist, Brian May. “Amongst all that furor, there wasn’t really a quiet moment to talk,” May tells Rolling Stone in an e-mail interview. “But [drummer Roger Taylor] and I are definitely hoping to have a meaningful conversation with him at some point. It’s not like we, as QUEEN, would rush into coalescing with another singer just like that. It isn’t that easy. But I’d certainly like to work with Adam. That is one amazing instrument he has there.”

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  1. Since I haven’t even watched a second of American Idol, I can’t tell if Lambert would be a good fit for Queen. But I’m sick of the pop culture blah-blah surrounding the show, so I hope they don’t go with him. From the singers I’ve heard out there, if they don’t go with Mika, they’re wasting their time.

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