Neaera – Omnicide – Creation Unleashed

When The Rising Tide Of Oblivion arrived in my mail in 2005 I was instantly impressed yet that impression slid a bit backwards over the next 2 years as possibly it was the over-saturation of the genre. Then a couple days ago I put my fork back into my plate and began to digest Omnicide – Creation Unleashed and have been reminded why NEAERA impressed me so much to begin with as they have now taken their formula to the next level.

Beginning with “I Loathe,” NEAERA are back and stronger than ever showcasing their ability to blend elements from Death / Black / Thrash / Hardcore and not sound like a copycat from any other act on the market today. “Prey To Anguish” is a dynamic track that pushes ahead with aggression yet still maintains a melodic side with a simple breakdown around the 2:00 minute mark which keeps them in sync with the current trend, yet again not sounding like a clone. The element of surprise within the band is the ability to effectively balance the gutteral vocals with the swallowed broken glass style that maintains an enthusiasm from the listener. “Caesura,” obviously the heaviest / fastest track on the album is sure to satisfy the purists of the genre as drummer Sebastian Heldt seems to be the center of attention with his driving double bass that is often complimented by his ride cymbal patterns instead of the washed out crash effect that many are using throughout the genre. “In Near Ruins” is my favorite track as it mixes up riffs with different drum patterns and has the dynamics that NEAERA should now be known for with this release as their song structure is not typical by any means and they’ve learned to mix up the structure yet not abandoning the overall sense of the song.

Maybe it was the time between albums but it seems that NEAERA have recaptured their fire that was displayed on their debut – intense, fast, dynamic, and driving. It’s 2009 and there have been some great albums released this year so far, but count on adding this one to your collection as it’s one that is not to be missed.

Rating: 9/10
Label: Metal Blade

By Mark Thompson

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