Sworn Enemy – Total World Domination

“Sell My Soul” is the first vocal line screamed by Sal LoCoco whose regathering with Tim Lambesis on co-production pretty much guarantees what your ears are going to be given this time around from Queens, NY own, SWORN ENEMY. Sal goes on to state, “I won’t sell my soul,” which is the statement that runs through his veins. While initially coming across as a standard hardcore band when signed to Elektra, SWORN ENEMY has gone through label changes, member changes, and refined their musical direction which takes us to Total World Domination which hits stores on June 16.

Complete with a new, more intense rhythm section, Sid Caballero on Bass and Jerad Buckwalter on Drums, guitarists Lorenzo Antonucci and Jamie Hunt seemed to have been pushed to become better musicians as evident in their melodies and precision leads in “Run For Shelter.” In fact, some more of their talent is displayed courageously on “Lies” and “Disconnect” as well. While they still have their SLAYER moments like at the 1:58 mark of “Still Hating,” and their ANTHRAX grooves like “Ready To Fight” at 45 seconds, they remain themselves lyrically to the fullest extent which stops them from being another joke modern thrash band and gives them their true NYHC image complete with ample breakdowns throughout the 10 tracks.

While Total World Domination is not going to set any new trends or be known for creating a new genre, there is enough tough guy imagery, HC anthems, and driving metal rhythms to create exactly what SWORN ENEMY have come to be known for in 2009 – a solid, short but sweet album with enough punching power to KO Chuck Liddell.

Rating: 9/10
Label: Century Media
Website: www.myspace.com/swornenemy

By Mark Thompson

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