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Wed. March 16th, 2011, Braingell DJ CrazyIvan aired his interview with Kingdom Come front man Lenny Wolf. They talked about touring in support of the new album and re-inventing of older Kingdom Come and Stone Fury tracks. The full interview can be via the video below:


Excerpts from the interview.

CrazyIvan: The band has gone through several changes, how has that affected the music?

Lenny Wolf: This question would be easier answered by the listener then by myself. I am subjective, so I am the doing it all. I am not trying to jump on any train trying to sound like this or that. Our hearing habits have changed quite a bit over the last several years, why I decided to re-record some of the old songs, to give them more of a feel like 2011.

CrazyIvan: How has the music scene in the European Union and United State been different?

Lenny Wolf: It’s not that different… I think Rammstein is pretty phenomenal…


Rendered Waters tracklisting:

‘Can’t Deny’ (newly recorded version)
‘The Wind’ (newly recorded version)
‘Blue Trees’ (brand new song)
‘Should I’ (newly recorded version)
‘I’ve Been Trying’ (newly recorded version)
‘Pushing Hard’ (newly recorded version)
‘Seventeen’ (newly recorded version)
‘Is It Fair Enough’ (brand new song)
‘Living Out Of Touch’ (newly recorded version)
‘Don’t Remember’ (brand new song)
‘Break Down The Wall’ (newly recorded version)

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  1. Kickass interview, Ivan! And, by the looks of it you’re now a video producer as well! Good job!

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