OLD WAIND’s Reissue of “Where The Snows Are Never Gone” Released

Originally recorded and released in 1997 OLD WAINDS’ Where the Snows are Never Gone features eight tracks of heavy and ruthless Nordic black metal. Fourteen years later, Negative Existence is proud to make this classic available to a new generation of metal fans. Apochs.net is currently streaming two tracks from the release – “Gods Gazing from Beyond” and “Cold Mourning of the Pale Moon” at the following location: www.apochs.net/Exclusive/OldWainds.html. If you like what you hear (and why the hell wouldn’t you?), cruise over to www.negative-existence.com to order your copy.

1. Unholy Nordland Fire

2. Winter Warriors

3. Gods Gazing From Beyond

4. Eternal Wanderer of Winter Nights

5. Where the Snows Are Never Gone…

6. At the Gates of Frosty Mountains

7. Guardians of the Icy Kingdom

8. Cold Mourning of the Pale Moon

www.myspace.com/oldwainds – (not official site)


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