Want a Sweet Laid Back Position Being a Metal Music Internet DJ?

Braingell Radio is looking for DJ’s.   We love the ones we have because they fucking kick ass but…..we need some more love  here in our virtual radio booth.  Our goal is to have a DJ on the air all the time for you guys out there to get that personal one-on-one touch having someone live.

If  you’d dig helping our your fellow Braingellers then contact us.   You won’t be getting paid in cash but you will be getting paid in knowing that you’re showing your love for metal music by putting it out there to the masses.  Plus, there’s that side perk of becoming famous, of course.  You can broadcast from your own computer and we even have someone that’ll training you and get you all set up to get broadcasting.   DJ  Straconis is  the man to hit up over at our Braingell DJ Boot Camp or head over to our main Braingell page on Facebook and leave us a comment.

What are you waiting for?  We’d dig having you on our team!

Horns up, fuckers!   \m/

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