Former Crisis Frontwoman Seeks Musicians for Solo Project

Former CRISIS frontwoman Karyn Crisis is seeking musicians for her new solo band. Drummers, bassists and guitarists in the San Francisco Bay Area who think they are the right people for the project should send links to samples of their playing to

KARYN CRISIS BAND is a partnership with Davide Tiso, prolific Italian guitarist and songwriter of extreme metal band EPHEL DUATH, whose music has always explored uncharted territories and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in extreme music during the 11 years of his band’s career.

Often mistaken for a duet of a man and a woman, and described as both “angelic and demonic”, Karyn challenged the idea of what a female voice could sound like. She was the first female singer in heavy music to boast a voice strong enough to compete in the male-dominated music scene, and the only woman fronting a heavy band touring the US. Her unique style was that of a primal scream: borne of a need to express her rage, despair, and inner fire.

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