Frankie Sparcello, bassist for Exhorder, passed away Tuesday March 22nd, 2011. More information will be released shortly.

Signed to Roadrunner Records in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Exhorder released two legendary albums while on the label. Slaughter In The Vatican was wrapped in controversy due to the graphic cover (see below). Their follow up The Law, in which Frankie joined the group, was released in 1992. Both albums went on to inspire many artists including Pantera.
Band members have released the following statement:
“On March 22, 2011, Frankie Sparcello, our brother, friend and bassist sadly passed on from us. His sense of humor and gentle soul that touched so many will always be missing from us in our lives and on the stage we are honored to have shared with such a talented musician.”In situations that were low for us as a band, Frankie usually managed to lift us from the darkness with his silly spirit. His ferocious bass playing and stage presence will always be revered.

“The outreach from family, friends and fans has been amazing for us and the extended EXHORDER family. People are coming from out of the woodworks to lend us their support, love and general kindness.

“Beneath the top layers of we that are known as EXHORDER are real, quality human beings that care deeply for one another and the ones we each call family or friend.

EXHORDER also extends big arms to Frankie‘s family, and we consider you exactly that — family.

“Thank you again deeply from the bottom of our heavy hearts.

“Rest well, dear brother. We love you, Frankie.”

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