IZEGRIM to Release “Code of Consequences” May 3rd, 2011

Here’s what we have so far…

Izegrim recorded and released its first propaganda on tape, called ‘Most Evil Demo’ in spring 1998. The demo (featuring symphonic death metal) was generally received very positively by the media. Izegrim released the self-financed mini-CD Bird of Prey in the summer of 1999.

In November 2002  Izegrim released a new act of nihilism called Guidelines for Genocide.  Combining old-school thrash elements, catchy riffing and unconventional themes, Izegrim successfully probed new means to thrash.

It is 2005. This summer a new omen of doom has been released upon this mediocre world: New World Order. We all have been screwed for way too long. New World Order was released as a pre-taster for Izegrim’s upcoming full length.

Early 2008 the second full-length Tribute to Totalitarianism has been unleashed upon this world through Rusty Cage Records. T.t.T. contains 10 songs with influences of all styles, yet with a substantial Izegrim-flavour added to it. After a successful European tour with FLOTSAM & JETSAM and a Dutch mini-tour, founding member Joep and vocalist Kristien decided to focus on something else after 12 years of service and they left in the summer of 2008. Within the shortest period of time Ivo was recruited to replace Joep, and Marloes took over the vocals.

March 2009: Point of no Return is Izegrim’s wake-up call to the world, introducing the new line-up with 3 brand new songs and a re-recorded version of “Angel of Demise” (taken from our sold out album Guidelines for Genocide).

Immediately after the release of Point of no Return…

Izegrim started writing/composing their new album. Their mission was to create the most versatile, riff-packed, in-your-face-sounding record in the history of Izegrim. After more than one year of working as hard as they ever did, they’ve accomplished their objectives. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Studio), this record has become exactly the way they wanted it to be.

On top of that, Izegrim signed a pact with LISTENABLE RECORDS from France. The North American release date for Code of Consequences has been set for May 3rd, 2011.

Izegrim is on the move, and the journey has just begun..

Marloes – bass/vocals

Jeroen – guitar

Bart – guitar

Ivo – drums





Victim of Honor

My Secret Society


Center of Momentum


Final Farewell

Fade Into Obscurity

Psychopathic Mind

Population Zero

Code of Consequences

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