CLUTCH Offers 3 Day Pre-Sale of Deluxe “Blast Tyrant”

An special 3 day pre-sale of the deluxe version of CLUTCH’S classic “Blast Tyrant” release!  Youv’e got only 72 hours starting on Friday, March 25th at 3 p.m. (est).   Here’s what you’ll be getting in your CLUTCH’S 25 song, 2 CD expanded reissue package…

  • a newly designed O-card
  • 20 page booklet
  • 10 song “Basket of Eggs” bonus music project
  • one of a kind limited edition “Blast Tyrant” short sleeve t-shirt

The shirt features illustrations from “Blast Tyrant’s Atlas of the Invisible World” such as Ragnarok, The Huntress, 50 Eyed Beast, La Curandera etc. Each shirt will feature an individually numbered “Basket of Eggs” interior tag, as well as an exterior Weathermaker Music insignia/label.

  • a special die-cut “Worm Drink” bumper sticker

This time-limited deluxe package will be priced at $25.98 until Monday March 28th at 3pm EST at which time this exclusive pre-order will switch over to the original $15.98 double disc package (which contains all of the above-minus the Clutch t-shirt).

This “Blast Tyrant” reissue will be available at music retailers and digital outlets on April 26th.  To sample a featured CLUTCH bonus track NOW from “Basket of Eggs” called “Steve Doocy”, or to pre-order this uber-deluxe “Blast Tyrant” package, go to Clutch’s new online store at:

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