Sean Parker of NAPSTER Set to Buy METALLICA’S Record Label?

Ulrich testifies against Napster in 2000

Metallica’s record label could soon be owned by the man who founded Napster, the website destroyed after Lars Ulrich and co went into battle against it.

Wow.  Who would’ve thought this would happen right?  You guys remember back in 2000 all that hooplah with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Napster and Lars  suing them.  Well, Sean Parker, the guy behind Napster eventually lost and Napster was shut down by Warner Music Group in 2002.

Since all of that, 31-year-old Parker has became one rich billionaire being part of the Facebook team and is now making a bid for the record label.

Meanwhile, Metallica have warned fans to beware of a company which has announced it will produce 3D TV and DVD releases of the band.

Front Row Networks yesterday announced: “We have achieved the first step in acquiring the 2D footage and conversion technology. Once we have secured all distribution rights we will generate revenues for us and the artist.”

But the band say: “Metallica owns and controls its recorded performances and Creeping Death Music owns the vast majority of any music embodied in Metallica Recordings. Pretty much any legitimate business would have contacted us to see how Metallica felt about it. Maybe these guys just forgot.”

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